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animals and mbti

ESTJ - German Shepherd

Although they’re very loyal to you, German Shepherds, like ESTJ humans, tend to get annoying after a while. Loud, obnoxious, and aggressive, you can smell their authority from a mile away.


ISTJ - tortoise

The ISTJ tortoise continually plods along at a monotonous pace, even if they can’t take a nap - as ISTJs, they have a constant need to work.


ESFJ - dolphin

Helpless? In danger? Going to be eaten? Don’t worry, the ESFJ dolphin, as a willing helper, will always come to save you.


ISFJ - polar bear

Modest, dutiful, and uncomplaining, polar bears are the dependable ISFJs who faithfully look after their young.


ESTP - tiger

Savage and opportunistic, ESTP tigers devour anything that could feed them whenever they have a chance.



ISTP - wolf

Like the ISTP tiger, but more subtle and secretive about the victims they kill.



ESFP - chihuahua

Chihuahuas, as ESFPs, are happy, fun-loving, affectionate, and entertaining.


ISFP - kitten

The ISFP kitten is a reserved but kind creature who couldn’t hurt anybody.


ENFJ - Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers, as ENFJs, are affectionate dogs who faithfully maintain a bond of loyal friendship.



INFJ - panda

Exceedingly rare just like INFJ people, the panda is truly unique and special animal. They are interesting, likable, and innocent, but cannot seem to fit into society.


ENFP - bird

Birds are ENFPs who chirp away with their friends across the woods, enthusiastically telling their magnificent stories.


INFP - penguin

Penguins, being INFPs, are free-spirited, cooperative, and compassionate.


ENTJ - shark

In the ocean, the shark is at the top of the food chain, just as ENTJ people are at the top of the food chain in society.


INTJ - snake

Insidious, clever, and pragmatic, you never know if the INTJ snake is dangerous or not.



ENTP - parrot

The most unique personality type matches up with the most unique animal. Parrots, as ENTPs, are entertaining individuals who make laugh-out-loud comments.



INTP - owl

Owls, being calm and wise birds, are INTPs.

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