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The Office Characters and Myers Briggs

The Office, as one of the most popular shows currently on television, obviously deserves a list of the typed characters. Even though Michael Scott is off the show, I will still explain his personality type since he was such an interesting character. Just to clarify, this is the U.S. version. This list consists of all the main characters.

Michael Scott is exhuberant, disorganized, and easily distracted. He tends to procrastinate on the job, yet he has big visions for his company. Michael is also laid-back and friendly, while seeking to make a special conenction with each new employee. Oftentimes he can be quite creative, although at one point he admitted to living in a fantasy world. A particular problem in the business world is that great salesman are promoted to mangerial positions in which they are rather inept. Michael’s people-relation skills but lack of office organizational skills make him a much better salesman than boss. He is probably an ENFP.

Karen Filippelli is a realiable, kind, and modest co-manager in the office. She can appear to be senstitive and easily offended, however. At the same time, she is an ambitious go-getter and can stand up for herself. She’s friendly and enjoys getting to know people, but is unwilling to play tricks on them. Karen might be an ISFJ.

Deangelo Vickers is a rather arrogant manager, as well as a bit of an oddball. In his spare time he enjoys playing games that help keep his brain in shape. As a manager, he tries to change anything he can. Deangelo can be quite direct and rude with people, yet somehow manages to become popular. It is likely that he is an ENTJ.

Andy Bernard can be a goofball manager, like Michael. He is a bit of a party person and loves attention. Andy has great confidence, although he sometimes lets his emotions get the best of him. In college he never bothered with studying; most of the time he remembers being drunk and singing. The type which fits him best is probably ESFP.

Pam Beesly is usually shy but can be outgoing on occasion. She works as a kind receptionist and has a dream of becoming an artist. And she can be quite sensitive, like bursting into tears when Michael pretended to fire her. Her best-fit type is ISFP.

Jim Halpbert may seem Introverted at first but is actually an Extravert because of his people skills on the phone as well as the fact that he needs an audience for the pranks he pulls on people. Some of these include scientific principles, like when he classically conditions Dwight to Altoids. At the same time, he’s rather laid-back. I’d say he’s an ENTP.

Dwight Schrute is obsessed with showing up for work each day, being on time for events, and adhering to a hierarchical structure of authority. He can be quite loud and bossy, and he craves power. There are detailed facts he knows about very particular subjects. Dwight seems like a typical ESTJ.

Stanley Hudson is a reliable, modest worker. He never fools around or plays games, always sticking to what needs to be done in the office. Stanley tends to avoid experimenting or taking part in Michael’s wacky games. I’d wager he’s an ISTP. (See the comments for an explanation concerning the Perceiver part.)

Phyllis Lapin-Vance is a quiet but friendly woman who was promiscuous in high school. She thrives in gossip. She usually has a sweet, kind demeanor. She might be an ISFP.

Angela Martin is like the female version of Stanley in the show. She is cold, reserved, strict, stringent, reserved, dutiful, and stern. She’s not afraid to scold people, but doesn’t go out of her way to do so. She is also an ISTJ.

Kevin Malone may seem rather unintelligent, but he is not actually mentally handicapped. Admittedly, Kevin is sociable but isn’t usually seen as the center of attention or around tons of people. On the whole, he’s easy-going and enjoys playing music and cooking. He must be anISFP.

Oscar Martinez is gay, but I’m not sure if, in this case, that has anything to do with his actual personality type. Aside from his sexual orientation, Oscar resembles a stereotypical accountant in the office place. He is responsible, relatively private, and speaks of facts and figures. I suppose we have another ISTJ.

Meridith Palmer's personality isn't really developed in the show, but we can infer her type from the few things we know about her. She maintains a fairly low-key presence in the office, but has an obsession with pornography, and is also promiscuous. When dealing with children, however, she is strict displays a no-nonsense attitude. Her type is most likely one that isn't often found in an office place, ISTP.

Kelly Kapur is portrayed as a ditzy, fun-loving woman who loves to party, enjoys gossip, and is interested in fashion. I don’t really need to explain much more; it’s clear from the show that she’s an ESFP.

Creed Bratton is an intense thinker, highly analytical, precise in his work, and a nonconformist who sometimes makes off the wall jokes. It follows that he may be an INTP.

Erin Hannon is an enthusiastic and cheerful receptionist. Usually she cheerfully goes along with whatever Michael wants to do. She is helpful, although she can be taken advantage of since she’s a little naive. No matter what happens to her she still remains high-spirited and friendly. Maybe she’s an ESFJ.

Ryan Howard is a character of great egotism. He tends to be aloof as well as shy during the first few seasons. Even though his sales skills aren’t the greatest, he still acts like he’s the best. One time he gets arrested for committing fraud in his work. At the same time, he has ambitions to be better than everyone else by getting to the top of the corporate ladder. In this way he can be considered vengeful. He is, however, quite athletic, as shown by his basketball skills. I suppose he can be considered an unbalanced ISTP.

Darryl Philbin likes a good joke and has a sense of humor, but he can also be assertive, serious, and stern. Darryl is the manager of a team of warehouse workers who serve as the maintenance crew in Dunder Mifflin. Oftentimes he has a no-nonsense attitude, especially towards Michael. He is an ESTJ.

Here are the personality types of some of the more minor characters on the show (most of them are Judgers because they are in management, corporate, and human resources positions).
Gabe Lewis - INTJ
Toby Flenderson - INFJ
Holly Flax - ISFJ
Robert California - INTJ
Jan Levison - ESTJ
David Wallace - ENTJ
Charles Miner - ISTJ
Roy Anderson - ESTP
Jo Bennett - ESTP


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