Myers Briggs 16 Personality Types

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

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Anonymous asked: for you infp blog list ... onbeinganinfp

Thanks, I’ll add that one now!


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tocrownthewhole asked: So I took the test you recommended. This is my third time taking a myers briggs test. The first two times I tested INTJ but with the test you recommend I came out ESTJ....I don't really identify with the third test. Can you help me out?

I’d go by what you feel you identify with. If you feel like INTJ describes you better than ESTJ then you’re probably INTJ. You probably know yourself better than a test does! All tests are different I just found that one I posted to be pretty reliable with every one I know who took it. It’s not the same for everyone though.

If you aren’t really sure about your type though, you can read about the cognitive functions of each type.

For INTJ, the primary cognitive function is introverted intuition: “This function allows a person to gain a sense about the future by processing data through impressions and meanings. We find ourselves discovering how the future will be by signs, trends, and patterns. We will find relationships between many ideas, and find ideas similar to those ideas in order to look for a main idea that is made up of these smaller ideas. These ideas and similar ideas come to one main idea that will turn out to be true and give the sense of an “Aha!” moment.”

For ESTJ the primary cognitive function is extraverted thinking: “Extraverted thinking helps to create order out of chaos. They organize the environment through charts, graphs, outlines, etc. It allows us to pick out what is necessary and figures out the most efficient way to complete an objective. Extraverted Thinkers love a challenge because itĀ attestsĀ to their skills. They will almost always follow through with a project.”

Hope that helps a little bit!